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In one wind farm, the flap of one blade got loose and fell to the ground.
Flaps are attached to the cable using an eye screw, fixed with a small pointed screw. If this pointed screw is not properly tightened, it can lat the eye screw spin and get loose from the flap completely.
IM has analyzed this issue and designed an improvement:
The proposal is to substitute the original forked stop collar with one that fits in the flap teeth, and add a second piece that clamps the first one with the eye screw.
• Only the stop collar is to be replaced, no need to disassemble the flap system.
• The substitution can be done quickly.
• The flap opening angle is reduced by less than 3º. This means that the rotor will take a few seconds more to stop completely.
• The substitution needs to be done at height.

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